Creating Awareness With Tartans TM

Kilts For A Cause is a new organization dedicated to creating additional cancer awareness  through specially designed and registered tartans (plaids).  These tartans are accepted and recognized by each organization as their "official" tartan if they desire.  Feel free to choose other tartans as you like, even if they are not the official tartan of the organization with which you are involved.  All of our tartans are designed to celebrate life and create awareness.

Once a tartan is chosen by an organization, like the National  Brain Tumor Society chose the Cancer Awareness Tartan, Kilts For A Cause helps an organization get the word out through such things as materials, attending events, social media and more.  The goal is to reach those individuals and organizations that support the cause and reach others that may not know about the cause, thus increasing involvement.  We want to create a fun and unique opportunity to create attention, share and celebrate ... and what better way than a kilt!

Proceeds from sales of the tartan go to that organization to further their efforts in research, assistance, and addressing other needs.  Additional donations to an organization can be made directly through Kilts For A Cause with an order or as a stand-alone donation, as long as it is an organization with which we have an established relationship.

The tartan material and items made from the materials or patterns are made available for purchase to individuals or groups who want to support, commemorate and celebrate lives that are touched by cancer.  So check out our products and contact us to place an order or discuss a custom request. 

Kilts For A CauseTM and Creating Awareness With TartansTM are trademarks of Kilts For A Cause, LLC.  All tartans designed by and rights to are property of Kilts For A Cause, LLC.  Please contact us to discuss any use or licensing of the terms, designs or patterns.